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Frosting: the sweet finishng touch used to decorate or adron

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There is a certain romance about fur clips. They are evocative of a bygone era of glamour, old money and dressing for dinner. Like smoking jackets they have gone the way of the dinosaur. While the trend of wearing pelts should forever remain the fashion closet like polyester suits, shoulder pads and blue eye shadow.

Fur clips make wonderful re purposed jewelry. Because fur was a luxury item the jewels to adorn them are usually heavy and well crafted. An overlooked treasure.  At the risk of  having to fight off estate hunting competition I want to share with you these little gems. Turned into necklaces, brooches or even hair clips. Not just to wear with fancy frocks these baubles can add a little sparkle to your everyday wardrobe. Vintage Deco styles worn with your favorite t-shirt and comfy jeans still looks modern and polished.

While it is not always cost effective to recycle the big name collectible designers I can’t help myself because they make such spectacular pieces. I do have a certain reverence for the collectible vintage jewelry. The quality and workmanship is not found today. They are usually perfect and stand on their own. It is a shame to change it. But I also think sitting on  display is not the best way to showcase these fabulous designs. The were meant to be worn and see the light of day not gathering dust in a drawer.  Fall in love again with these wonderful old pieces and wonder about the woman that wore it. Add your own bit of history-- it more than likely will out last us all.

Combining my love of vintage pieces with antique photos means a truly One-of-a-Kind piece.  Tintypes date back to the civil war. There is a magical quality to antique pictures. It is like capturing time and studying  ghosts. Their faces full of secrets. Even the children looked still.  Stern and stoic poses in borrowed studio clothes—few could afford the frilly frocks seen in the photos--- picture taking was a event. Usually reserved for a special occasion. And most often the only image left behind.

I hope to honor these long forgotten ancestors and connect to the past with these unique adornments.  Framed with Sticks and 'stones' and everything in between. I have a wonderful cache of hand cut crystal chandelier swags, milk glass, old rosaries, patinaed brass and sterling chains just waiting to be recycled. Everything is taken apart and what was old is new again . . .  Unfortunately  as with all good things it takes time to build up a collection and inspiration can not be scheduled in. So if you are intrigued  check back . . .
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