Stick a fork in it

                                           Our smoky chipotle, sundried tomatos, avocado Eggs Bennedict

Farm to table concept * Fresh Local Organic

Living in California we have an abundance of vegetables and fruit that grows year around. 

We love the farm to table movement that challenges us to use seasonal ingredients.  Not only does this concept reduces our eco-foot print it makes for fresher quality food and supports local businesses

We grow most of the organic herbs and seasonal vegetables that make it onto our breakfast plates. There is a Farmers Market every Thursday a few blocks from our bed and breakfast. It supplies us with our organic free range eggs. When in season we offer our custom blend organic hot sauce salsa. The ingredients are harvested from our organic garden.

Our breakfast is served alfresco in the colorful courtyard.  Being that the architecture and décor of our home is Spanish/Mexican; most of our breakfasts have a strong Mexican influence handed down from Abuela. The complexities of Mexican cuisine and spicy flavors make for a flavorful breakfast



     Our small batched sauces are made from organic peppers and tomatoes grown in our garden when in season.

Breakfast favorites *pre fix menu             
includes fresh fruit, tea and coffee          
and one of the following

Smoky chipotle eggs Benedict

Savory fresh baked quiche with smoked bacon

Belgium Waffles with thick smoked bacon

Fresh pork  and sweet tamales with eggs

Spicy chilaquiles w/roasted peppers and eggs

Marinated carne asada with fried eggs & tortilla

Bagels with smoked wild Alaskan salmon & sun dried tomatoes chives cream cheese

Monte Christo w/ field greens vinaigrette dressing

Almond crusted French toast & thick  cut bacon

Poached eggs wrapped in prosciutto & pesto with potatoes

Rosemary mixed potatoes, black beans, eggs &  tortillas

 feta scramble with bacon and potatoes

Omelet with shredded potatoes, mushrooms,green peppers cheddar & Parmesan

Generous continental breakfast of Mexican pastries or sweet breads

*We  use organic herbs roasted organic heirloom tomatoes & peppers fresh from our garden when in season. All of our meals are pre fix. Requests only for allergies or food restrictions.

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